About vGenerator

vGenerator is a small startup studio based in Oakland, CA, USA. We build software and hardware for small businesses. We also experiment with concepts related to artificial intelligence and machine learning and how to make them accessible to users in existing computing surfaces.

Our goals

Learn about new technologies (or at least they are new to us!)

Develop minimum viable products (MVPs) to learn more about interesting audiences and markets

What we believe

The words startup and studio are associated with a lot of different things, so here is a list of things we believe to help you understand our approach.

Bootstrap until necessary
We believe that the best ideas begin with no funding. We believe you don't raise venture capital unless there is a true time- or competition-based forcing function that requires money to speed development or marketing.
Small teams forever
We believe small teams create amazing things. You don't need 100 people to launch something. If you can figure out a way to keep the team small, you and your users will be happy.
Your lifestyle matters
We think lifestyle businesses are awesome and that we are optimizing for our lifestyles, not those of investors. Why optimize for the upside of a 1% chance of a billion-dollar exit based on the whims of the market and monopolistic tech giants?